General information about Prague


Prague consists of 57 city quarters, but only about five of them are really interesting for tourists- namely Staré Město (old city center), Nové Město (stunning gothic and baroque architecture), Malá Strana (home to ostentatious palaces and churches), Hradčany (Loreto complex and Prague Castle), and Josefov (Old Jewish quarter).

Emergency call

Emergency phone number is 112 from any telephone free of charge.

Public transport

If you use the public transport service, tickets are sold in kiosks, metro stations, hotel reception desks, yellow vending machines at tram or bus stations. The cheapest ticket is 24 CZK and lasts 30 minutes. Note, tickets cannot be purchased directly from the driver! You must also validate your ticket in the yellow validating machine.

Risks in public transport

Prevent thieves from getting into your bags – use little locks, under clothing wallet, etc.


Make sure your electric appliances have a switch to change the voltage to 220V! Possibly you will need a converter.
To receive a free map you can contact staff at your hotel.

Tourist information

Money exchange

Never change money on the street as it is dangerous and you will get fake or old Czech money! Always use a bank or ATM (“bankomat”). The best rates are usually offered at the exchange office on the corner of Kaprova and Maiselova ulice (Staromestska metro and tram stop). Always ask in advance how much you will get for the amount you are about to exchange.

Taxi (cabs)

Taxi mafia – drivers tend to overprice and overcharge. When taking a taxi on the street, always ask for a receipt in advance, check if they switch on the taximeter and if possible, say some words in Czech. The fare must be charged in the car. Usual price is 22 CZK per 1km, from the airport to a hotel 500-700 CZK, from a hotel to Prague Castle 200-300 CZK.

Restaurants and shops

Avoid tourist traps. Restaurants and shops located near the famous sights (Charles Bridge, Astronomical clock, Castle) are usually the most expensive. Tips are not included in restaurant prices and it is recommended to pay up to 10% depending on the quality of the service. It is recommended to check the bill before paying in case service has been added anyway.