Official transport for individuals and groups – personal, minibus and bus service. Get a fix price and save 50% on the normal price!


Private transfer from airport Prague Ruzyne

Do you like privacy? Do you need to be at your destination quickly and comfortably? Book your transport just for you!

Compared to taxis save about 50%.
  • 590 CZK per car for 1-4 persons
  • (sedan or minivan)
  • 890 CZK per car for 5-8 persons (minibus)

Shuttle transfer from Airport Prague Ruzyne

Use our minivan / minibus and go really cheap! The customer shares the minibus with other travelers. Share the price and go from 120,- CZK per person!

  • 500 CZK per car for 1-3 persons
  • (sedan or minivan / minibus)
  • 90 CZK for each additional person (max 8 persons per minivan)